BLUECOOPER Business Consulting

home Founded in 2007 BLUECOOPER, LLC started as a janitorial service in San Antonio, TX.  We have been asked over and over for tips on how to start a cleaning business so others could avoid the massive franchise expense.  We have been blessed to find an inexpensive route to control our own future and create many great jobs for other in our path.  As we navigated through our start up we found so many predatory services that offered to help for large chunks of money.  We do things differently!  We researched and learned how to create the proper entities, file for patents and trademarks, and even lead in our sector for the battle in organic page ranks.  We want to teach others how to do the same using our janitorial cleaning business as the example as we work together.

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rencontres njr12 Business consulting mostly requires you have a relationship with the consultant forever and they hook you up with many other vendors (ie. friends) that you will need to do this.  That is simply not correct.  We have created the Owners Club as a portal to convey all information needed to manage a successful cleaning business.

visit this web-site The Owners Club will  assist in all areas for creating, launching, and executing a successful janitorial business to support your family and help others in your community.  Services include formation decisions, accounting, taxes, marketing, SEO, website design, social media, and operations.  We give you the tools to execute your business with no dependence on other vendors to succeed.

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